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        Singapore GST Form

 1 This form should be completed and given to Singapore customs when you go to pick up your baggage.


Download this form in printable PDF format
Download Singapore GST Form

I) To be completed by Claimant:

I hereby provide the following information in support of my application for Goods and Services Tax Relief on my used household articles and personal effects under item 8 in the Schedule to the Goods and Services Tax (Imports Relief) Order:
I am transferring my residence from _____________________(country) to Singapore.
I am the owner of the used household articles and personal effects imported and they have been in my possession and used for a period of not less than 3 months.
The articles and effects are imported via:-
Airway Bill no. :______________________________
Flight no.* :______________________________
They are imported within 6 months of my first arrival _____________(date) in Singapore.
I am aware that the GST relief I am applying does not cover any motor vehicle, liquors or tobacco. I provide the following information on whether motor vehicle, liquors and tobacco are included in my consignment.
  Yes No Quantity/Description
Liquors _____ _____ ______________________________
Tobacco _____ _____ ______________________________
Motor vehicle _____ _____ ______________________________

I affirm that the information given above is true and correct. I undertake to pay customs duty and GST on the liquors, tobacco and motor vehicle included in my consignment, and also not to dispose of used household articles and personal effects within three months from the date of importation.


NAME OF CLAIMANT:__________________________________________________

PASSPORT NO.:______________________________________________________

DATE: _____________________________________________________________

OCCUPATION: ______________________________________________________

NAME OF EMPLOYER: _________________________________________________

II) To be filled up by Declaring Agent:

COMPANY'S NAME:_________________________________________

CR NO.:_________________________________________________

TELEPHONE NO.:__________________________________________

CONTACT PERSON: ________________________________________

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