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Important Information
        Checked Baggage

i.e. baggage that travels with you in the hold of the aircraft you are travelling.

Be sure to label baggage inside and out, with your name, address and contact number for your destination. Labels can be obtained from your travel agent, airlines or at check-in.

Checked Baggage allowances vary from carrier to carrier. Checked Baggage allowances on most flights for adults and children are:

Route Piece Allowance and Dimensions Weight Allowance
Travel to/from USA,
US Territories, Tahiti, South America and Canada
via the Pacific

First: 2 pieces

Total dimensions* of each piece must not exceed 158cm (62in)

: 2 pieces

Total dimensions* of the 2 pieces must not exceed 270cm (106in) with no 1 piece exceeding 158cm (62in)
32kg (70lb) per piece
All other International  

First: 40kg (88lb)

Business: 30kg (66lb)

: 20kg (44lb)

Infants: 10kg (22lb)

*Before travel, check the baggage allowances with the airline you are travelling on.

To minimise the risk of damage to undeveloped film, we recommend that it be packed in your carry on baggage rather than in your checked baggage. If you have queries regarding possible damage to your film in carry on baggage, please check with the screening officers.

Locking Checked Baggage

We recommend that passenger’s lock or security seal their checked baggage. However, it may be necessary to open and inspect your baggage as part of the security screening process. If your baggage is locked, and you are not present when it is necessary to open it for Government mandated additional security checks, lock/s and or seals might be broken by security screeners.

Airlines are unable to advise at the time of check-in whether a passenger's baggage will need to undergo additional security checks. Airlines are not liable for damaged locks that must be opened for security purposes.

Travelling to or from the United States

For passengers travelling to or from the United States, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) advises that passengers can avoid the need for locks to be broken by using a TSA recognised locking mechanism, which can be opened by the TSA. For further information, visit the TSA website.

Baggage wrapping

Passengers who choose to utilise baggage-wrapping services offered at some airports should allow additional time to complete this process before check-in. Should wrapped baggage need to undergo Government mandated additional security checks the wrapping will be discarded.

The above information is a guide only and we recommend you contact the airline you are travelling on.

This information is current as of  15/12/2014 and is subject to change

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