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1 Australian Customs Service

1 Australian Department of Immigration

1 Australian Quarantine Service

1 Australian Tourist Commission

1 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

1 The Lonely Planet

1 Travelvax

Australia is a national provider of health services to the outbound traveller. Formed in 1995, Travelvax Australia's role is to moderate and control the health risks associated with overseas travel through a focus on four main areas of care:

              a. Vaccination
              b. Medications
              c. Education
              d. First-aid equipment

Travelvax provides this care through an extensive network of clinics.

1 Visalink

Visalink offers a prompt and professional online travel visa advice and processing service to the Australian travel industry, corporations and directly with travelers. We provide you with the latest visa advice, and handle the ever changing visa application process to all embassies and consulates

With over thirty years experience handling high-risk travel documentation such as passports and visas, we have developed the most reliable visa application process available. This is essential when dealing with the complex and often vague rules associated with visa applications to embassies and consulates.

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