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        Before You Leave Australia

Check List for leaving Australia
and Students Returning Home
Information Leaflet
Phone – 1300 300 688
Australia Wide
Check out for useful products and services.

  • Take an objective look at what you own - decide what must go and what can be left behind. DO you really need it?  Hold a garage sale - sell to others.  Clothes if do not need them give them to other students or charity.
  • Separate into four groups - sell, give away, throw away and keep sending home.
  • Get some boxes - ring Jetta Excess Baggage on 1300 300 688 and ask, “Where is the closest place to buy boxes”.
  • Buy some good quality tape for packing and bubble wrap for fragile items. Start to keep newspapers for packing.
  • Keep shopping plastic bags they are excellent for packing small items and dirty washing.
  • Start shopping around for anything you might need to take home.
  • Check that electrical goods are compatible with your home country.
  • Give 28 days notice to the Real Estate Agent, landlord or housemate.
  • If you are moving from a flat or house you will probably need to clean the carpets. Arrange a carpet cleaning company or hire a cleaner from your local supermarket.
  • Check out the Jetta Excess Baggage website for information on Customs rules for the your home country.
  • Download packing list
  • If you are taking home computers, printers, T.V., stereo check to see if you have the original boxes.
  • Start running down freezer stocks.
  • Start to prepare mailing list for people who need your new home address.
  • If you have pets and are taking them home look in the Yellow Pages under “Pet Transport” and get a quote.
  • Change your e-mail to hot-mail, yahoo etc. so people can contact you.
  • Decide whether you want international roaming for your hand/mobile phone.
  • Contact the gas, telephone, electricity and cable T.V. companies to schedule disconnection on the day you move.
  • If you are planning a garage sale pick a date at least 2 weeks before you go and arrange the advertising.
  • Attend a Returning Home Program that is organised by your University.
  • Contact your University about the Alumni in your home country.
  • Sell your car now.
  • Find new home for your plants.
  • Advertise on the local store/University notice board, in the local paper or Trading Post for your furniture.
  • Phone Jetta on 1300 300 688 and get a quote for sending your baggage home. Remember that air is usually cheaper then sea and air takes 5/7 days and sea 4/7 weeks.
  • If you are taking home your bike go to a bike shop for bike box.
  • Check out for overseas sim cards and foreign currency.

  • If you are not going straight home plan for travel insurance.
  • Make new bank arrangements in your new home country.  Make arrangements to transfer your money.
  • Start to prepare a packing list.
  • Make sure you are aware of Dangerous Goods that should not be packed.  See Dangerous Goods
  • Pay any outstanding University fees or fines i.e. library, parking etc.  Most Universities will not let you graduate if you have any outstanding fees or fines.
  • Make sure your passport is valid and you have the required Visas’ if you are transiting/stopping in another country on the way home.
  • Make sure the University has your correct name and new address in your home country.
  • Check out for foreign currency.

  • Pay all outstanding accounts.
  • Return library books.
  • Request a final bill from the gas, electricity, phone and water.
  • Hold a garage sale now.
  • Spend time with friends you have made.
  • Buy some souvenirs of Australia for your friends at home.
  • Cancel any deliveries of newspapers, magazines and subscriptions.
  • Take photos and get them developed before you go home.  Your family and friends will want to see the photos when you get home.
  • If you are flatting ask your Real Estate Agent/landlord for a reference (providing they will give you a good one).  This could help in securing long-term accommodation when you return to your country.
  • Submit any Medibank claims that are outstanding.
  • Make time to say good farewell to friends and University staff.
  • Arrange accommodation for your last nights i.e. Unilodge Apartments or friends stay
  • Get some more boxes for packing.
  • Check out for storage companies and box supplies.

  • Double check to make sure all arrangements to disconnect Utilities i.e. phone, electricity, gas and cable T.V. have been processed.
  • Finish packing - write name and address on boxes and bags in English.
  • Find and DO NOT PACK airline ticket or passport.
  • Redirect your mail from the post office.
  • Make time to spend with friends you have made in Australia.
  • Work out what you are taking on the aeroplane. Remember you are usually only allowed 20kgs and Excess Baggage on your aircraft is very expensive.
  • Ring Jetta Excess Baggage at least 2 working days before 4pm for pick-up of baggage the following day.
  • Make sure you have not packed more than 30kgs in any one box, bag or suitcase.
  • Advise your family of your proposed arrival details in your home country.
  • Arrange an inspection of your home or flat for the return of Bond money.
  • Have you organised your last night’s accommodation before leaving?
  • Check and see if you have a plastic bag for your toiletries on board airplanes.
  • Check out for luggage and travel products.

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