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        Malaysia Customs Requirements

Exemption from customs duty and sales tax is not automatically granted to all arriving passengers but subject to compliance with the conditions applicable.

Jetta Excess Baggage advise all Malaysian International students returning to Malaysia after their studies with used household effects (eg. electrical goods, camera, computer etc.) to complete the declaration form for Malaysian Customs Duty and Sales Tax exemption. Please ensure that the form is witnessed and stamped by the University/College. Also, a letter from the attending University/College should be obtained stating your duration of study in Australia and your course has completed.

Once the documentation has been completed the originals should be kept for the Malaysian Customs clearance in the home country.


Malaysian Customs Duty and Sales Tax Exemption Declaration Form
Used household effects of any person transferring his residence to the federation of Malaysia

I wish to inform the Royal Customs Department and Excise Department of Malaysia that:

I, (Mr/Ms/Mrs)__________________________ Identity Card Number____________________

have been residing in Australia for ______ (years) and have recently completed my studies

in (state course/s)_____________________ at (name of univerisity)_____________________

As Such, I am taking with me the listed goods/items which are my household/personal effects used by me for more than three (3) months.

List of items (if space insufficient please continue on another page)

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